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Millet flour health benefits thanks to the content of B vitamins, lecithin, mineral salts, proteins, complex carbohydrates and silica. The millet was already known in the Neolithic, in India, China and Africa. We will even mention it in the Old Testament. The flour is excellent for baking cakes, bread and dumplings or pancakes.

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Millet flour - properties:

Yoghurt flour is produced by grinding mash. This is in turn obtained from millet. The mash is the only one of the groats that is alkaline and is therefore considered to be helpful in cancer prevention. Persons suffering from recurrent acidifying yeast infections should also incorporate yoghurt products into their diet. Prosciutto lecithin improves memory and regulates blood cholesterol. Due to the purifying properties of the yoghurt products are particularly recommended for detoxification of the body.

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