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Milk thistle protects the liver parenchyma and kidneys from the ravages of poisons. 

Herb literature tells us that the seeds of milk thistle is a kind of guardian of our liver, which contains silymarin, flavonoids bitterness and amines. It is Silymarin protects the liver against some toxic compounds such. Ethanol and contribute to liver regeneration. 

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Milk thistle powder, and actually silymarin contained therein works primarily antidotally and ochraniająco liver parenchyma. Taking milk thistle seed is indicated for:

convalescence after toxic-metabolic liver damage caused by toxic agents such as long-term antibiotic treatments, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, mushroom poisoning,
hepatic impairment as a result of poor diet and diabetic,
Protection of the liver in patients suffering from alcoholism and undergoing drug treatment
chemotherapy, changing liver damage, supporting recovering accelerating the removal of toxic substances odkładających in the body,
cirrhosis of the liver, fatty degeneration of the liver - gastric juice, anorexia, bloating or bouncing.

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