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  • Basil Dried

    Basil is an aromatic spice kitchen. Improves the flavor of many dishes especially prepared with tomatoes.It is used also for meat and fish dishes. Its spicy lemon flavor fits perfectly with sauces (eg. With Italian salsa verde, with French vinaigrette), salads and soups, flavored also vinegar and olive oil.

    £ 2.99
  • Dried Peppermint

    What is Peppermint?Peppermint s a hybrid perennial plant that is a cross between watermint and spearmint. In addition to its minty scent, Peppermint has a great deal of nutritional value.

    £ 1.99

Typically an infusion of roots, bark, powders or dried flowers, we currently offer large collection of dried herbs. If you’re searching for an herb – we endeavour to stock it. And if we don’t… we will do our very best to obtain it for you.


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